International Recruitment

International Recruitment

If you are a healthcare professional from overseas, who wishes to work in the UK, we at William Davies Care can help you achieve that goal.

Our overseas operations focus primarily on nurses.

All our overseas candidates have qualifications relevant to healthcare which is considered in high regard in their home country (e.g. a nurse from the Philippines completes a bachelor’s degree standard). We ensure that each candidate has received their IELTS Certificate, with a scoring of Band 7 or above in each section.

Before Arrival

Before you even begin the recruitment process with us, we would have already established an MOU and a Permanent Recruitment Contract with one of our clients, who has a specific requirement (e.g. an NHS Trust requires 10 nurses). Clients also apply for Visa Sponsorships for each healthcare staff that is intended to work for their organisation.

Our clients first provide the CBT (First exam of competence). Once completed they can accept the requirement to sponsor them in order to prepare them for the OSCE exam (Second exam of competence).

Our administration can help you with obtaining a visa and other relevant documents to help you enter the UK. Once your documents are in order, you will travel to the UK in a group.

After Arrival

Once you arrive, here are the following things we can provide:

  • An Induction Programme supported by our clients
  • Orientation
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Instructions on how to open a bank account
  • Advice on obtaining a mobile contract
  • Assistance with registering you to the NMC in order to receive their NMC Pin.
  • Perform background checks (e.g. DBS Checks and obtaining references from previous employers)

Our clients will provide a sponsor to assist you with preparations before taking the OSCE exam and are to supervise you (as you will be on a probation period) until you have completed your OSCE exams and NMC registration. This period lasts for up to 6 months.

Get Started

To get started on your journey to becoming a healthcare professional in the UK, please email us at