We consider revalidation and following NMC and GMC guidelines an important aspect of keeping our doctors and nurses compliant. This will ensure that they are well informed about their relevant revalidation process and that they work with safe practice.


According to the guidelines set by the Nursing and Midwife Council (NMC), Nurses must be revalidated every 3 years. This must be done on the date you are due to apply for the renewal of your registration. Here are the following criteria to be considered to successfully renew your licence:

  • 450 Practice Hours or 900 if you are dual registered
  • 35 hours of CPD, 20 of which must be participatory
  • 5 practice-related feedback from client’s patients and/or colleagues
  • 5 reflective accounts, they can be based on CPD, feedback or experience
  • Reflective discussion, must be with another nurse or midwife
  • Confirmation, must be confirmed by an appropriate person

The NMC also requires you to provide a Declaration of Health and Character to confirm that you are capable of practice and confirm that you have Indemnity coverage in place.

Please visit NMC Revalidation page for further information about Nurse’s Revalidation:


The General Medical Council (GMC) oversees and sets guidelines for a doctor’s revalidation which must be carried out every 5 years. This process is essential in order to reaffirm that you are fit to practice and to retain your licence to practice.

Here is what we can do to help you in the revalidation process:

  • Provide Certified Appraisers who perform reappraisals for you annually
  • Provide Patient/Colleague feedback facility (to collect feedback for every revalidation cycle)
  • Our Director is assigned to role of responsible officer, tasked with reviewing appraisal forms

William Davies Care operates as a designated body for doctors going through the revalidation process. A designated body can also be any other organisation or trust you work with. GMC requires you to work with your designated body full-time for 12 months.

Please visit the GMC’s revalidation page for further reading on Doctor’s revalidation: